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Earthly extracts, out-of-this-world experience

Close your eyes and let our Aroma line transform your bathroom into a luxurious Spa.

Carefully combined earthly ingredients such as tea and Japanese rice is therapeutic and healing for body and mind. The natural fragrances and perfectly balanced components bring harmony at any time of the day.

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.



100% VEGAN

Green olive

Moisturizing effect provided by the oil of green olives.

Oryza Sativa

Asian type of rice with calming, relaxing properties.

Black tea

Black tea antioxidants help to protect your hair and skin against daily harm from external elements

Change the bathroom into a spa

Aroma has been developed to effortlessly transform every bathroom into a luxurious Spa.

Both the design of the products and the completeness of the entire line, including the earthly fragrances which fill the room, contribute to this overwhelming experience.

Whether your day starts or ends with Aroma — it is always a perfect, unparalleled experience.

SPA-worthy design

Transforms every bathroom into a spa

Earthly fragrances

Fill the bathroom with tranquility and calmness

Broad collection

28 products to cater to all preferences


The products enhance each other’s benefits and experience


A wide selection for both him and her

For every moment

Wake up relaxed or wind down in the evening

The full series

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