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Translating your wishes into a tangible design to surprise your guests with a unique experience. A design that is an extension of your identity and fits the style of your bathroom.

With a unique aroma, a beautiful design, and nourishing qualities to pamper your guest. Our design team will take you by the hand and guide you through the development of your entire own product line.

Full service from the first sketch until the delivery, and where quality and uniqueness are continuously the departing point.

  1. Briefing & concept
  2. Design and development
  3. Prototype
  4. Tests & dermatology
  5. Production & distribution


Briefing & Concept

Your new product line starts with an extensive briefing in which you tell us about the values of your hotel, the experience that you would like your guest to have, and the preconditions that need to be met.

Our design team processes this input and, based on this, develop a concept for your new product line. We will only be satisfied after the concept exceeds your expectations and will continue with the design and the development of your product line.


Design & development

The design process consists of two paths: on one hand our experienced design team will start with the allure and the packaging of the product line.

Furthermore, our dermatology team in Italy will start with the devise of the products themselves. Fragrances, extracts, and colors are combined to exactly create the experience you desire for your guests.

Internally, a specialistic team will further develop your request.Together with you, they will work on a design, development, price and delivery conditions, to subsequently be able to provide you with a unique and competitive offer.



The design phase leads to a prototype for your product line. In this, the packaging and product come together and the final touches can be made.

The prototype is meticulously checked and critically examined. The whole experience, from opening the product to its use, must be perfect.


Tests & dermatology

When the product experience meets our expectations, all required checks and dermatological tests are performed.

This is how we guarantee that every customized collection meets all the requirements — naturally we take the legislation and regulations of the country of destination into account.


Production & distribution

Finally, your new collection will be produced. All production of BunzlCosmetics takes place in Europe, ensuring that we have crystal clear insight in the process and can continuously monitor the quality.

Additionally, a distribution plan is established, ensuring your collection is distributed as quickly as possible to your hotels, and therefore your guests.

Please read more about our impressive distribution network and our production processes, while taking into account people and the environment, on one of the following pages:

Distribution People & Enviroment

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